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Digital transformation of public services

We are specialists in Discovery and Alpha phases in accordance with the GDS Service Manual. Because we don't do the build, we are impartial, platform agnostic and keen to minimise the work needed to meet user needs, so you pay no more than you need to.

Discovery phases

Work with us to research user needs, understand constraints and make the case for a digital service.

Length - 4-8wks, Cost - £30-60k

Alpha phases

Test assumptions and refine ideas by iteratively prototyping solutions and testing them with users.

Length - 4-8wks, Cost - £30-90k

Coaching & training

Want to DIY? Learn to run Discovery and Alpha phases, through our training courses or bespoke coaching.

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case study: Healthy Start Discovery Phase

How we helped a team new to Agile and user centred design, talk to users and plan a digital service that works for everyone.
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You've optimised your product to death, where's the next boost coming from? We apply Lean Startup and Design Thinking techniques to find new opportunities to create value, then define innovative solutions. Whether you want deeper customer insights, new ideas, or more usable solutions, we can provide the fresh eyes you need. 

defining opportunities

- User research
- Market analysis
- Vision & principles workshops
- Business model canvas


Strategy and planning

- Road-mapping workshops
- Team and delivery planning
- Communications strategy
- Business case for development

Exploring solutions

- User story mapping
- Rapid prototyping
- Design Sprints
- Usability testing
- MVP experiments


Product discovery Coaching & Training

The best teams know that great product discovery is just as important as agile development. We can build your capability to respond to customer needs faster and better than your competitors.


case study: FInding renewed focus with design sprints  

How we helped this product team acknowledge their assumptions, re-focus on solving user-problems and quickly prototype and test solutions using a Design Sprint. 
View the case study

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