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How we helped a cross-functional team understand the needs of their users, then design and test a prototype in just two weeks.  



A team at Ovo Energy wanted to understand how to drive engagement with a product they are working on which helps teams work together more effectively on the most important business priorities.


On the first day we ran a series of workshops to quickly gather knowledge and assumptions about users and their needs.

Then we did a series of user interviews to fill gaps in knowledge, involving members of the development team so they could hear feedback first hand.

We then mapped out the way that different groups set, monitor and report on goals, and identified a series of opportunities to add value in the product.

In the second week we ran a Design Sprint, in which we chose a target opportunity and then collaboratively designed and built a prototype to test with users on the Friday.


At the end of the process the team were tired but excited! They’d developed a deeper understanding of the problems they need to solve for users in order to drive engagement. And they’d tested a solution and got valuable feedback. Best of all, they had begun working better as a team, using their diverse skills to solve user-problems together fast!

Pilot Works ran a design sprint with our product team; it was an intense but very valuable process. Alastair provided great structure and constructive challenge at all times and ensured that we pursued the most valuable courses of action
— Kim Atherton - Chief People Officer, Ovo Energy