How we helped the team at National Trust Holidays focus their content on the needs of users throughout the purchase journey and increased conversion by 38 percent.



The team at National Trust holidays planned to redevelop their website and wanted a content strategy that would address user needs, reduce the cost of acquiring new customers and improve conversion rates.


We worked alongside their UX agency to conduct research, define personas and map out the customer journey. We also reviewed industry reports describing the shifts in travel consumer behaviours, poke to contact centre folks, and sifted SEO reports and website analytics. 

We used the data to create a model of how customers choose UK holiday accommodation and what their content requirements are at each stage - from being inspired by destinations and experiences, to finding somewhere to stay that fits the bill, to being reassured by customer reviews and the brand promise at point of purchase. 

We then used this model to co-create a proposition statement and messaging architecture which addressed important questions in the customer's mind, whilst differentiating the Trust's offer from other accommodation providers in the market. We also created a series of example content types, and showed how they would link together to create a simpler more inviting path to purchase for the customer.


The team went on to build a site round the content-model we had created and the content formats we had designed. 

The results speak for themselves. Since the site launched, unique visitors are up 20 percent and conversions are up 38 percent.

Pilot Works, helped set the foundations for our vastly improved online offer.

Building on the user research supplied, they took a logical approach and created a clear picture of requirements of different user groups, based on their stage in the buying cycle.

This gave us a clear framework for content which we built the page style sheets and overall site map around.

It’s not an approach we’ve adopted before, but the simplicity and clarity of the work helped us hit the planned go live date and importantly created a far more efficient online platform; bookings have risen by nearly 40% and traffic by 20%.

I appreciated the analytical approach, but thought this was blended well with a team who listened to their clients and added valuable insight.
— James Ingham, Managing Director, National Trust Holidays